2009 - 2015

    assistance design competition to initiator Jord den Hollander

    Amersfoort - Netherlands 2016


    The 100 year old monument is a gift in gratitude from Belgium to The Netherlands, for sheltering thousands of Belgian refugees during the First World War.



    BANG! (apart from the English onomatopoeia it is Dutch/Flemish for Scared!) is a contemporary addition to the ceremonious design of the Belgian Monument.

    A pavilion that revives the meaning of the memorial by referring to the contemporary refugee crisis. Located at the foot of the western approach it is a dramatically visible beacon at the busy entrance road of Amersfoort.


    A road sign with double meaning: the explosion of conflict and the ensuing fear of the innocent victims.

    Urban and programmatic study

    Havenstraat - Amsterdam - Netherlands 2016


    Can you reuse an old prison for the program and the identity of our new school? 



    As part of an interdisciplinary design team MMX-architecten successfully researched this challenging question the British School of Amsterdam put to us.   


    Currently, the British School of Amsterdam is quartered on three separate sites in Amsterdam South. For quite some time the school has tried to unify the three branches into one complex of more than 11,000 m2.


    After examining several locations the organization set her sights on a former 19th century prison complex in the area. The building ensemble is characterized by a monumental panoptic cross building of 6600 m2 on a plot of 10.000m2. The results of the study are used as a recommendation to the City of Amsterdam for further infrastructural adaptation of the area, for determining the monumental merits of the complex, and a subsequent architect selection for the final plan of the new school.


    Quote Bureau Monuments & Archaeology: 

    Last week we have looked “bureau-wide” to the feasibility study for the British School.  It's a good story with lots of clues that can significantly help along the rezoning. " (Paul Rosenberg, Monument Pilot)

    a new open typology youth health center 

    Edam&Volendam - Netherlands 2015


    Recent government policy has put the responsibility of general youth health care in municipal hands. Hence the city of Edam-Volendam commissioned MMX with the design of a Youth Health Center in an allocated space, located in the large new residential area ‘Broeckgouw’.


    This CJG will house an array of organizations that will closely cooperate on children’s health related issues, like baby/toddler development, child psychology, debt relief etc.


    Consultation rooms in therapists’ practices need strict privacy, and they are known to express themselves as impenetrable  bastions towards the street. In opposition to this MMX clustered them in a colorful, rounded pavilion in the heart of the ample space. The clients’ waiting area was projected directly behind the façade. This ensures a lively interaction between the center and the neighborhood, using the 16 very tall windows that embrace the center to their full transparent capacity.


    As waiting areas often slowly turn into hollow advertising pillars under the pressure of posters and brochure-displays, MMX designed an XXXL ash wood leaflet-wall that also sections off a little play area for toddlers.

    securing the position of a floating hotel by tactic design

    NDSM harbour - Amsterdam - Netherlands 2015


    How to improve the appearance of the hotel ship so it can contribute to the dynamic and creative atmosphere its location? The NDSM wharf, a former shipyard now transformed into a creative urban space, is the scenery. This was the question that Botel owner Sandra Chedi was faced with in 2011.


    Together with architect / filmmaker Jord den Hollander a plan was developed to adorn the bland white boat with a crest: Five colourful, 6,5 meter high hotelrooms in the shape of huge toy letters will soon form the cheerful new silhouette of Botel.


    The massive floating white hotelboat is topped with a controversial and frivolous accent, like the colourful chimneys of ocean liners that once slid from the NDSM-docks.


    The city council has hailed the plan enthusiastically as an exciting addition to the identity of the new area, and production is in full swing, to be uncovered by the end of 2014.


    1st prize  ‘Den Bosch’ Architecture Initiative’ competition

    Den Bosch - Netherlands 2015


    Wolvenhoek, a parking garage in the center of Den Bosch, offers 471 parking spaces. And whoever negotiates 12 right turns in a car will get a panoramic view of the historical city as a bonus.

    By adding a new deck, simply covered with grass turf, this view is intensified ... thus creating a surprising recreational meadow area at 16 meters above the narrow streets of the old town.

    Wolvenweide accumulates heat and water, filters the city air and absorbs CO2. But above all: this is the new place-to-be. The empty elevator shaft will be re-connected to a separate new entrance. So that after whizzing upstairs to the meadow you can lounge in nice weather, jog, camp or simply sunbathe with a glass of wine, enjoying good company and a magnificent view.



    The jury unanimously praised the plan for its boldness as well as its feasibility. MMX will be commissioned by the Den Bosch Council to elaborate on the plan in 2016, and possibly develop it with external investors. .

    transformation of a former polytechnic into a creative hub

    Amsterdam - Wiltzanghlaan 60 - Netherlands 2014


    After a second life in 2000 as a refugee center, this polytechnical educational complex, built in 1967, stood empty since 2006. MMX-architects transformed the high rise and former canteen within a time limit of two years and an extremely limited budget.



    Owner Amsterdam West Municipality together with hotel entrepreneur Sandra Chedi, Bureau Broedplaatsen Amsterdam and urban initiator Kees van Ruyven took the initiative to transform the building. 8500 m2 is occupied by 50 rooms for graduate artists, 300 hostel beds, a lobby, a restaurant and several workshops. The three distinctive outdoor yards are deployed as an intermediate for the neighbourhood and the complex itself will serve as a platform for starting cultural entrepreneurs.


    The organization of various cultural initiatives and events is in the hands of program maker Marlies Buurman.


    The interior design in collaboration with Studio Edward van Vliet

    Villa Elbers

    design and construct of private house

    Edward Wrightstraat - Amsterdam - Netherlands 2009


    Steigereiland, a recent suburban addition to east Amsterdam, is characterized by terraced as well as detached ‘welstandsvrij’ housing resulting in a slightly cacaphonic atmosphere.
    The villa rebukes this fun fair of over-expressive facades with a blind front, but opens up towards the sun, the clouds and the reed-bordered water in the south west.


    A wooden gallery, stairs and roof terrace connect all rooms with each other in a generous embrace around the angular grey core that is the house itself.
    Minimalist details support the expressive richness of the materials: fine textured plaster, grainily coated aluminum and untreated, graying hardwood.

    High sustainability was aspired. The house is therefore self-sufficient in heating and cooling, and received a grant for its high energy performance in 2009.

    Polly takes over

    architectural & technical assistance to initiator Marijke Vijfhuizen 

    Buurderij - Haarlemermeer - Netherlands 2010


    Our hope of a cleaner, more sustainable future is represented by a labyrinth, situated in a rural polder area that is flat and empty. It has approximately the size of a football pitch.


    On this plot a system of grass lanes is projected following the patterns on the front and back cover: ‘juicy’ green grass paths that criss-cross each other without beginning and without end.

    In between these lines the remaing islands are all different in shape and height. The highest being around 6 feet. These are also overgrown, but of a different species of grass, in a different mowing length and with the occasional flower.

    Knitted blankets of blue plastic garbage bags, cut into 2” wide strips are draped over these bits, creating a two-tone landscape made up of the unnatural blue plastic and natural green grass…

    Zeist by Sea

    architectural & technical assistance to initiator Jord den Hollander 

    Zeist - Netherlands 2013


    The outcome of the Copenhagen climate summit will help determine whether Zeist is ever going be a place by the sea . The Zeist High Beek and Royen estate is the imaginary coastline and needed a future marker.



    The beacon “Zeist by Sea” is a reaction to the teahouse folly which has stood on this site in the past. A folly is a particular phenomenon in country houses and estates : they are often imaginative works in which the spectator is put on the wrong track and will raise questions .


    Architect Jord den Hollander has interwoven both the past and the future in the design of the new folly . The beacon shows the mark between the river and the sandy soils of the ridge on. 

    Teaching a future generation

    Michiel and Arjan devote themselves part-time on education at different institutes

    University of Delft

    Academy of Architecture Amsterdam

    Technical School Amsterdam


  •  why we do what we do..



    Arjan van Ruyven

    Architect - Citymaker

    I’m personally fascinated by the vernacular, for example the work of Bern & Hilla Becher. They worked as collaborative duo best known for systematically photographing industrial buildings and structures. I think they were able to capture the true beauty of the vernacular.



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    Summary of Qualifications


    different media reporting

    "MMX did not fall back into the standards tactics of architecture, because as project architect Arjan van Ruyven said: " Everything we usually design, is not implemented " No clean white walls, no fancy lighting. for WOW we invested in simple floor plans, stunning colors and a raw finish”. And it does make the building exciting and inspiring. With this kind of transformation MMX-architects proves that sustainability does not necessarily has to be expensive, and working with a tight budget does not lead to a bad building."   


    “Through the work experience studio, we are offering a platform to designers so that they can show what they are capable of doing. Under our supervision, three academy students can get cracking over six months and also execute their design straight away. That’s not something you see often!”

    " Much like a psychiatrist, we lay the building down and had in-depth sessions with it. The ground floor and restaurant are now transparent. You can look straight to the herb patio and inner courtyard. We brought daylight back to the upper floors, and organized the hallways in such a way that you can look from one side of the building to the other."


  • the NDSM wharf, in the north of Amsterdam?"

    1st price for our idea to greenize a parking in Den Bosch a city in the south of Holland

    Nomination Video for ARC15 AWARDS 2015

    Overview loftletters BOTEL

    placing the loftletters . 

    have you ever build an O...?

    One minute movie about "The Stage" at WOW shown at Arcam on Museumnight in Amsterdam

    documentary of the building process of WOW-Amsterdam. Filmed by Jacobine van de Kamp